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Tired of memorizing words for GRE,GMAT,SAT and TOEFL** and other competitive exams? Flash card helps you to memorize words in a faster and efficient way. "Flash card” is a powerful memorizing tool with features like Test urself, Select Wordlist (of your choice).

  Flash card
Select Wordlist
Test Urself
Make your own wordlist
Add your own wordlist

Flash card
It allows user to view the card of his choice with option of flipping the card in random or in alphabetical order and also the time duration of viewing the card i.e. in seconds.
User can choose his choice of font; background images to be displayed in the Flash card

Select Wordlist
Select the wordlist to be viewed and to be tested.

Test Urself
After learning the meaning of the word using Flash card options, user can test himself. It allows guessing of the word in 5 seconds or else word will be flashed.

Make your own wordlist
Make your wordlist and save it in .jre format and transfer to your inbox of your mobile via BT/IR.

Add your own wordlist
Select wordlist you made for viewing as a FlashCard in your mobile.

**GRE,GMAT,SAT and TOEFL are registered trade mark of the respective organisations. This site is not endorsed by any such organisation.

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