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J Simple Solutions can provide fully integrated messaging or mobile portal services and solutions, which combine our expertise in wireless communications with a comprehensive knowledge of interactive marketing, service creation and mobile business solutions.

we can provide a all in one solution that includes mobile portal software, customized mobile applications for various devices,messaging platform, secured connectivity with operator systems, system integration and customizations, billing & charging, online service reporting.

Nokia series 60 applications
Applications were created as products and as well as for third party clients.

" More than 2000 copies of MultiTasker have been downloaded from handango"

MultiTasker (sms buddy) is a messaging application.It has very unique features like Contact backup,SMS backup, Forward SMS.etc....

Flash Card
Flash card is an educational utility tool which helps users to memorize words in a faster and efficient way...

-Select Wordlist
-Test Urself
-Make your own wordlist
-Add your own wordlist


Blu Chat
BluChat Application was developed for users to start a conversation with other users who is within 10 meter range (Bluetooth technology range for mobile devices).

-Search users within Bluetooth range
- View profiles
-Tag /categorize profiles
-Send similes

Safe Messages
User can use this application to secure their messages. User can send SMS of more than 160 characters.

-Self start: Applications starts once it receives encrypted messages. - Compress messages
-Add tag to the received messages. -Messages shown in encrypted form in the Inbox.
- Settings: Application behavior and features can alerted

Message security is taken care by using encryption keys which are randomly generated and unique. Sender mobile sends the keys and which is validated by the receiver mobile, and only after that the messages can be decrypted and be viewed.

It is Zip file manager for S60* enabled mobile devices. Can compress and decompress archives.

-Open ZIP files
-Send ZIP files via Bluetooth | email | Data Cable
-Compatible:  PKZIP & ZIP
JZip v1.0 supports following Series 60 v2.x phones

What is S60?
*S60 software on Symbian OS is the world’s most popular & powerful multitasking capability software for Smartphones.

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J Simple Solutions offers a wide range of services that allow mobile phone users to personalise their handsets. These services include:
Ringtones (Polyphonic and Monophonic)
Graphics Games
Through device personalisation, J Simple Solutions enables our network of partners to exploit mobile media to communicate brand identity, generate revenues from consumer channels, extract incremental revenues from time-sensitive content and create demand for next generation mobile devices.

Application for handheld devices

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  SMS Application for nokia series 60 6600, 7650, 7610, 3660, 3650,N-Gage recently launched more
  Flash card
  It is an educational utility tool which helps users to memorize words in a faster and efficient way more
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